For those that have been trying to get a hold of me since *cough* July, I sincerely apologize! >.< I hardly ever get messages so I kinda didn't check Newgrounds for the past 5 months. O_O I blame college life. x_x However, with finals coming up next week, who knows. Maybe Tyro and I can whip something up this winter break since we haven't submitted anything in forever!

For those asking about the menu song, it seems the site that had the untitled song has shut down, moved or something. Sadly I don't have the song on my comp so go bug Tyro. If he has forgotten about his account as well then just pm me and I'll get to him. I'll do my best to keep up with this! If I fail to respond PMs in a timely manor then spam the hell out of my email (please not literally >.>). Label the subject "Check your newgrounds PM" and I'll be sure to check it asap.

Thank you everyone for the kind remarks on our tribute to Cosmo, we enjoyed making it as much as you enjoyed watching. n_n