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Hunt for the Successor Hunt for the Successor

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome! <3

Well I figured out the first one but when I put the password in it says incorrect. I've tryed typin with spaces/with out, in caps and no caps. Heck, I even looked up what it is and put in some of that and it wouldn't work. :[ I know it's not wrong, the whole paragraph makes complete sense. hmm, ah well, overall very awesome and as soon as I can get passed this password thingy to work, I'm gonna see if I can beat 'em all! xD

but seriously, am i doing somethin wrong when putting the password in? should there be spaces/ no spaces? should i include 'the' in front of it? hulp! O_O

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Namkrow responds:

The cipher is solved but is the riddle?

Piano 101 (simulator) Piano 101 (simulator)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good Idea

Its a great idea but the only thing is that you didn't give it a very large range so you can't really play anything, its not even a full octave. (your 1 note short)

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ShrimpFryRlCE responds:

im not sure what note im missing =/ was it another C? well yea, many peeps said it was a good idea but poor execution which there i agree XD but i dont spend much effort on such small projects like this one so it's all good in the hood XD